UNSOM Should Leave

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) is the newly version of the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM) that came to Somalia in 1992 with the help of the United States of America following the collapse of the Somalia military government and the subsequent eruption of civil war within the Somali warring factions.

Failing to understand the complexity situation on the ground, the US and the UN left Somalia without restoring peace and stability. The failure of the UN Mission in Somalia has had a negative impact on the UN presence in Somalia and the Somali citizens as well.

The UN has never been a blessing to the Somalis and its track record in Somalia is entirely negative, and shows that the UN has always been part of the Somali domestic politics and its political groups. The argument advanced here is true when we glance back to the UN’s and the US attempt to disarm one the Somali faction leaders, the late General, Mohamed Farah Aided, who finally humiliated the US in Somalia and forced both the UN and the US forces leave from Somalia without reaching any political, humanitarian, and economic significance, despite worsening the hope of the Somalia’s social and political reconciliation.

After two decades, the UN came up with another framework to intervene the Somalia’s conflagration – the Italian Trusteeship – for state building and restoration reasons. This framework has a same political objective with the UNOSOM mission. UNSOM’s prime responsibility is to restore peace and order and assist the Somalia’s governance institutions with three pillars which determine their mission: a) political, b) security, and, c) human rights.

When the last two objectives of UNSOM are analyzed one may raise this question: where is the position of Somaliland in this crude intervention. Indeed, in the 1990s, UNOSOM has never come to Somaliland though it briefly established an office in Hargeisa in 1993 which later closed by the late President of Somaliland, Mohamed Haji Ibrahim Egal.

Reason for closing UNOSOM office in Somaliland was that Somaliland is an independent state which stretches within the colonial borders inherited from the United Kingdom of the Great Britain on 26 June, 1960. However, the question is: why UNSOM is in Somaliland without acknowledging the status of Somaliland.

Permitting UNSOM to establish its own office in Somaliland was one of the suicidal policies of the Silanyo regime who knowingly or unknowingly accepted UNSOM’s office in Somaliland. This office is basically operating as an intelligence office, which reports to Keating the weaknesses of Somaliland statehood and how they can penetrate within Somaliland.

Somaliland isn’t part of the Somalia federal member states, therefore, UNSOM should leave from this great country as soon as possible. The government is expected to order the closing of this office as this country isn’t under the mandate of this mission.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to do the following steps to deal with this devil:

1. The Government of Somaliland should close up the UNSOM Office in Somaliland and deport its staff to the war and terror-infested Somalia.
2. The Government of Somaliland should circulate a persona non grant against Keating and anyone who deliberately fighting against Somaliland.
3. The Somaliland citizens should protest Keating if he decides to come to Somaliland in the future.

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