Environmental security is one of the primary concerns of the contemporary world in which climate change and natural calamities have affected. Environmental degradation, deforestation, desertification, and depletion are the current challenges of Somaliland. Cutting trees for charcoal production has emerged as the major source of evil that drives environmental degradation and desertification. Not only for charcoal production, but also cutting trees for land enclosures is another critical challenge against the sustainability of the Somaliland environment.

Rapid settlements in the rural areas and water gullies which put risks, both on human and animal lives also remain other critical challenges against the sustainability of the environment and survival of the human being.

Environmental depletion is regarded as the primary cause of the recurring drought. Trees can preserve the soil from erosion. Therefore, it is the Government’s responsibility to preserve the environment and prevent any charcoal production activities taking place in the rural areas.

The drought is not the only impact of the worsening situation of the environment, but the changing climate is a real threat to the Somaliland citizens. This is true when we look at what happened in Somaliland in May 2018 when cyclone Sagar hit the western coast of Somaliland, and killed over 40 persons and displaced more than 600,000 people.

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